FM WhatsApp APK Download Updated v10.06 May 2024 Latest

By William | May 8, 2024

In the rapidly evolving world of the 21st century, instant messaging apps are the best way to share information in the quickest possible way. WhatsApp being at the top is actively used by billions of people around the world. However, the official version of WhatsApp contains many features such as the media sharing limitations and lesser privacy options that are unable to satisfy the user’s needs. For this purpose the developers modify the app for the interested users to enhance their instant messaging experience to the next level. FM WhatsApp APK is simply the new and improved version of WhatsApp that provides a solution to all your digital communication problems with greater control and flexibility.

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What is FM WhatsApp?

FM WhatsApp Mod APK is an app inspired by official WhatsApp that provides many additional features. Developed by Fouad Mokdad, a leading android developer, it is a famous WhatsApp that adds value to the user’s lives. The customization features with a user friendly interface make the app even more interesting. The good thing about the modified version is that it is constantly updated and its latest version v10.06 has even made it the first choice of many users!

Completely safe and adding value to the 35 million users worldwide, WhatsApp FM APK  is totally revolutionizing the history of instant messaging experience. The app is not supported by google play store so you can just download latest APK from our website, which is updated and virus free.

FM WhatsApp APK

FM WhatsApp Latest Version

FM WhatsApp users often face challenges in receiving timely updates and staying informed about the latest APK modifications and added features. For those seeking FM WhatsApp download latest version for both Android and iOS devices, this article provides the right resource. The much-anticipated official version without ads and virus-free version was released recently, garnering over 50 million downloads within days, underscoring its popularity.

The latest version, boasts a compact size of 76MB and is compatible with Android devices running 5.0 and above. It includes essential bug fixes along with fixing issues in old version, enhancing the APK file for increased stability and security. It introduces various updated features, such as Anti-Ban, Anti-toast, and more. FM WhatsApp APK update, available for free download, ensures a seamless and secure user experience.

FM WhatsApp Specifications

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Fouad Mods

Latest Version



76 MB


Extra Features


Android 5.0+

License Type


FM WhatsApp Features

The latest version introduces some incredible features that can take your instant messaging experience to the next level

Exceptional Customization Options

Enhanced customization is the core feature of every modified version. Among all the modified versions of WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp stands out in customization due to its unique and user-friendly features. You must have noticed the improved appearance of the user interface while seeing the screenshots of this WhatsApp. The setting can be universally changed for the whole WhatsApp interface as well as the individual single chats.

Customized User Interface

The first thing that you can customize is the interface layout according to your preferences and color choices. You can replace that green interface available in other versions of WhatsApp with more aesthetic and interesting colors.

Customized Notifications and Icons

It allows the users to customize the app icon and the notifications according to their own choices.

Background of Chat Window

It not only provides customizing the background of private chats, it also provides the option of using a custom photo on the background of the whole interface of WhatsApp. It also allows you to change themes, fonts, typography, and designs in the chats.

Customized Home Screen

Another interesting customization is that it is possible to customize Message bubbles, blueticks, GIFs and the button color.

Customized Emojis

This modified WhatsApp version boasts a rich collection of emojis making the chatting experience more interesting and real. It allows you to express yourself in new and exciting ways with these additions.

FM WhatsApp Theme Store

Another interesting thing about FM WhatsApp is that it offers thousands of adaptable, distinct and attractive themes to enhance your WhatsApp experience. This app automatically downloads them and organizes them based on their name, date, and version. These themes are available for free and can easily be downloaded for further use.

Call Filter

Receiving unexpected calls, especially from undesired contacts, can be bothersome. The official version offers the option to block incoming calls, but this can be excessive as it may prevent them from messaging you as well. FM WhatsApp introduces another excellent privacy feature. Now, you have the power to decide who can call you on WhatsApp. By excluding someone from your call list, they won’t be able to reach you.

It’s important to manually remove the contact from the list for this setting to take effect. With this feature, you gain complete control over incoming calls. If you opt for custom privacy, nobody can disturb you without your consent.

Hide View Status

FM WhatsApp introduces a feature that allows users to discreetly view the status updates of their contacts without triggering notifications. While there may be ethical considerations, this function can be valuable for those seeking a level of anonymity while perusing statuses.

This feature is a practical addition to FM WhatsApp, a preferred choice for many due to its enhanced privacy options. When you use this tool, individuals who have posted stories on their status won’t be aware that you’re viewing their status. Additionally, you gain access to the anti-delete status feature for your contacts, allowing you to check if they have removed a status. It’s a handy tool for keeping track of status updates. 

To enable this go to FM Settings> Status Features> Enable Hide View Status.

Hide Blue Tick/Double Tick

This WhatsApp not only enables you to hide blue ticks, it offers the option of hiding the double tick as well. The feature of hiding blueticks allows you to remain undetected while using the app, providing a discreet way to read messages without notifying your contacts. With this feature, senders will only see blue ticks if you respond to their messages, or not at all. It’s especially handy when you’re too busy to reply immediately.

In FM WhatsApp, you also have the option to enable the feature of blue ticks appearing after a reply. This means you can read your friends’ messages without them knowing, as the blue ticks remain invisible until you respond to the chat. This allows you to ignore messages discreetly. Another great aspect is that it has the ability to hide the double ticks that indicate message delivery. Some people, when they don’t get reply on double ticks start calling you, this feature helps you prevent any such issues by not just showing that it has been delivered.

Anti-Ban and Security

Using the latest version of FM WhatsApp comes with an Anti-Ban feature, so you can chill without worrying about getting banned, just like millions of others happily using it. This feature aims to protect your account from being banned due to using a modified app (though it may not be foolproof). Still, it’s a good idea to use anti ban as your secondary account to play it safe.

For added security, FMWA APK throws in an extra layer to make your messaging experience more secure. They’re on top of their game, regularly updating security features to keep your data and chats safe from potential threats. So, you can enjoy your chats without the stress!

Freeze/Hide Last seen

If you are concerned about managing your WhatsApp last seen? Fear not, as FM WhatsApp introduces a unique solution. Unlike the conventional version, it empowers you to freeze your last seen timestamp, allowing discrete observation of others’ activity while concealing your own. Interesting huh? Just navigate to the settings, activate the “Freeze Last Seen” feature, restart WhatsApp, and effortlessly take control of your online visibility. 

Furthermore, it extends the capability to selectively hide your last seen status from specific contacts and determine who has access to your profile picture. There is another option to change your setting to  “Always Online” feature; this modification proves invaluable for professionals and businesses striving to maintain an active appearance even during inactive app sessions.

Go to FM Setting> Privacy Features> Enable Hide Last Seen.

Disable Forwarded Tag

This feature is particularly for those who are tired of the “Forwarded” tag accompanying the forwarded messages? Look no further than FM WhatsApp for a solution. Bid farewell to the inconvenience of notifying recipients that your message has traversed through multiple forwards.

Preserving the originality of your communications. Enhancing control over your forwarded messages, this application features a “Disable Forwarded” option. Activate this feature so that your forwarded messages remain discreet, concealing any indication of their shared history.

Anti View Once

You must have heard about sending the view-once feature in the original version of WhatsApp. Which means that the receiver can open the media just one time. Once sent, the recipient views it once, and it disappears. However, with FM WhatsApp, you have the unique capability to view these “View Once” messages as frequently as needed, defying the usual one-time limitation. 

Enable Anti-View Once feature from FM Mods> Privacy & Security> Anti-View Once.

Chat Lock

FM WhatsApp APK not only ensures the security of your WhatsApp but the individual chats as well. You have the ability to both hide and lock specific chats using a pin or pattern lock. When you lock a WhatsApp chat with this app, it becomes completely inaccessible to anyone without the proper unlock credentials. This feature not only enhances the privacy of your conversations but also adds an extra layer of security, making your WhatsApp experience more secure and controlled. With these added measures, you can confidently manage your chats and maintain the confidentiality of your conversations.

Chat Backup & Restore

FM WhatsApp provides a user-friendly and secure platform for backing up and restoring WhatsApp chats. Users can choose from three distinct backup options: Local Backup, Mega Backup, and Dropbox Backup. These settings are conveniently located under FM Setting > Backup & Restore. The Local Backup mirrors the functionality of the official WhatsApp, allowing the inclusion of media files. 

It’s essential to note that it does not currently support Google Drive backup. The app boasts custom backup and restore settings, ensuring data security and privacy. This feature is easily accessible through FM WA settings, providing a seamless process. For those prioritizing privacy, the new FM WA backup option utilizes device storage, offering a secure and straightforward method.

These settings are conveniently located under FM Setting > Backup & Restore.

Multiple Account Support

In contrast to the official WhatsApp, the it offers users the capability to manage multiple WhatsApp accounts concurrently on a single device. It allows for the simultaneous use alongside the official app or another MOD, facilitating the operation of two distinct phone numbers. This functionality proves particularly advantageous for individuals seeking to segregate their personal and professional communications seamlessly, eliminating the need for cumbersome account switches.

Even with the dual-SIM functionality of modern smartphones, the official version restricts users to a single WhatsApp account. However, the FM WhatsApp latest version APK download empowers users to deploy both regular WhatsApp and this WhatsApp on the same device without necessitating device rooting. This dual-app convenience ensures the streamlined management of two separate accounts without any complexities.

Media Sharing

Sharing files with FM WhatsApp is the most helpful modification. Whether you’re sending high-resolution photos, videos, or documents, it makes easy to share large files in different formats, maintaining 100% quality for your data without losing sharpness.

And here’s a cool addition, with new version, you can upload a 7-minute status, plus send videos longer than 5 minutes. Just remember, only those using WhatsApp Mods like FM WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp can enjoy statuses longer than 30 seconds; regular WhatsApp users are stuck with the 30-second limit.

Moreover, have you ever felt restricted by the 30-media file share limit in the official app? it breaks free from that constraint, allowing you to send more than 30 images or videos hassle-free. Not only this, the official WhatsApp version caps messages forwards at just 5 contacts. But with WhatsApp FM download, there’s no such restriction – send your messages to as many people as you want, no toggling needed. Just a friendly reminder: try not to go over the 300 mark unless absolutely necessary.

Enhanced Group Chat Options

FM WhatsApp has also introduced interesting features for group chats. Now, you can have up to 1,000 participants in your groups, making it perfect for larger communities or professional networks.

And if you’ve ever struggled to find your important groups in the midst of numerous chats, worry not! this modified version of WhatsApp introduces the Groups Tab, a special place dedicated to your crucial groups. All your quick messages, event updates, and chat details will be neatly organized in this tab.

But that’s not all – it offers cool features like hiding group names and setting custom backgrounds for group chatsDive into the settings to explore more features, creating a user-friendly environment for managing your groups. Plus, with a separate tab for your groups, it’s super convenient to stay on top of things.

Anti Delete Messages/ Status

Ever had a friend quickly retract a message, leaving you curious? FM WhatsApp brings another game-changing feature – the ability to see deleted messages and statuses.  With feature, those deleted messages are no longer a mystery. Not only can you see what they deleted, but you can also reply to those deleted messages, adding a whole new layer of interaction. The perks don’t end there – the anti-status delete feature ensures you never miss out on a friend’s story. Even if they delete it, you can still view and download it. Imagine the surprise when you not only see deleted statuses but also reply to them.

With the official WhatsApp, any person can send and delete messages for everyone , anytime. This causes trouble when you don’t have anything as a proof of all the messages. Therefore, it is suggested to keep track of all the conversations all the time, to enhance authenticity. In a nutshell, FM WhatsApp free download ensures that nothing gets past you – from deleted messages to vanishing statuses. Upgrade your WhatsApp experience and stay ahead of the game.

Enable this feature from FM Setting> Chat Features> Enable Anti-Delete Messages.

Auto Reply & Scheduled Messages

FM WhatsApp latest version introduces a pragmatic feature that allows users to create automated responses for incoming messages, particularly beneficial when immediate replies are not feasible. This functionality proves invaluable for busy professionals and can be customized for specific contacts or groups.

Initially integrated for small businesses, WhatsApp’s Auto Reply feature enables the establishment of distinct business hours. In instances where personal responses are not possible, the auto-reply function comes into play, dispatching automated messages such as “away messages” to customers.

Users can configure an auto-reply that notifies contacts of their unavailability, ensuring that messages are sent to those attempting contact during designated “away hours.” It’s important to note that this feature is not available with standard WhatsApp accounts.

In addition to the auto-reply function, it boasts a distinctive message scheduler feature. This feature empowers users to schedule messages to be sent at specific times, even when offline. This proves particularly useful for individuals with time constraints, allowing them to ensure that important messages are delivered precisely when needed. Especially for the people who forget to wish Birthdays to their friends at 12am.

Auto Translate Messages

Chatting with people who speak different languages becomes a whole new experience with FM WhatsApp. The FMWA APK now comes with a direct translation feature, allowing you to translate messages from any language to your preferred one. It makes communication across languages simple and convenient.

Business Friendly Features

FM WhatsApp business features prove to be a valuable tool for businesses, offering enhanced privacy settings that allow users to control who sees their last seen status and profile picture. This is crucial for maintaining a professional boundary between personal and business contacts.

The FM WhatsApp mod APK provides customization options, allowing users to tailor their experience by changing themes, fonts, and the overall appearance to align with their business branding. The message scheduler feature streamlines communication, enabling users to plan and schedule messages ahead of time for timely interactions with clients, partners, and team members.

With the ability to share large files up to 1GB, it facilitates the direct exchange of documents, presentations, and media files. The anti-delete messages feature ensures that important information is never missed, providing a transparent communication trail. 

For entrepreneurs managing multiple business ventures, the multiple accounts feature simplifies the task, allowing seamless management of both personal and business accounts. The recent addition of the WhatsApp Pay feature further enhances the app’s utility, saving time and energy for users engaged in business transactions.

Privacy Feature

FM WhatsApp prioritizes user privacy with unique features. You can hide your online status, typing, or recording activities for added anonymity while chatting. It is possible to stay invisible without going offline, and enjoy the app’s safety features seamlessly.  This feature lets you control information by hiding blue ticks and last seen status.

Moreover, you can deactivate video calling, a feature not available in the original app. One notable aspect is that while enjoying these features, your usage remains discreet; others won’t know you’re using a modified version of WhatsApp. User blocking and account locking are key security options, providing a comprehensive safety package.

The app includes an In-built App Lock for efficient data security. With features like app locks, password protection, and the ability to hide chats with passwords, it ensures your private conversations are safeguarded.

DND Mode (Airplane Mode) allows users to go incognito without disconnecting from the internet. It temporarily disables all notifications, perfect for focused work. Enable DND Mode by clicking the three dots button.

Additional Features

  • Hide media from the gallery for added confidentiality.
  • Send messages to a number without saving it, maintaining a clutter-free contact list.
  • Bulk Messaging: Efficiently send bulk messages to groups or multiple contacts simultaneously.
  • Shake to meet new friends, fostering spontaneous connections.
  • Voice Changer for an entertaining messaging experience.
  • Access to a new collection of Stickers and Wallpapers, enhancing personalization.
  • New Notification Bar for improved alert management.
  • Anti-Toast and Anti-Ban features for a secure and uninterrupted messaging experience.
  • Ability to set “search web” or use emoji as a profile picture, enhancing customization.
  • Hide blue microphone for discreet communication.
  • New call icons and default blue interface for a refreshed look.
  • Set your name on the main screen, adding a personal touch.
  • Resolved problems causing application freezes and usability issues.
  • General improvements for a smoother user experience.

FM WhatsApp Download & Installation

Level up your WhatsApp game with FM WhatsApp updated version! If you’re tired of the same old features on regular WhatsApp, Its updated Version is your golden ticket to a whole new world of customization and cool extras. No rocket science here – just follow this laid-back, step-by-step guide to donwload FM WhatsApp app on your device. Get ready for themes, privacy tweaks, and more.

How to Download FM WhatsApp APK On Android/OS?

Step-by-Step Guide to Download and Install FM WhatsApp latest version:

  1. Enable Unknown Resources: In your device settings, enable “Install apps from unknown sources.”
  2. FM WhatsApp Download: Download Updated Version from our website.
  3. Open File Manager: Open your device’s file manager. Locate the downloaded file in the file manager.
  4. Initiate Installation: Tap on the APK file to begin the installation process. Confirm your choice to install from unknown sources if prompted.
  5. Follow On-Screen Instructions: Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  6. Open FM WhatsApp: Open the app and verify your phone number using an SMS code.
  7. Enjoy Additional Features: Enjoy the additional features and customization options compared to standard WhatsApp.

For PC

Understanding how to use FM WhatsApp on your PC involves a step-by-step process, as the application is primarily designed for mobile platforms. To bridge this gap, you can leverage the capabilities of an Android emulator, which simulates the Android operating system on your PC, enabling you to run mobile apps seamlessly.

To download FM WhatsApp for PC, select a reputable Android emulator that suits your preferences. Options such as BlueStacks, Nox Player, and LD Player are widely used and reliable. Once you’ve made your choice, download and install the emulator following the provided instructions.

Next, acquire the latest version of FM WhatsApp from our website. Save this file on your PC for the subsequent installation process.

Now, open the installed Android emulator on your PC. Locate the APK file and either drag and drop it into the emulator or use the emulator’s installation feature to install.

After the installation, launch WhatsApp within the emulator. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your account, which involves providing your phone number and verifying it. Once the setup is complete, you can use this mod WhatsApp on your PC just like you would on a mobile device. Explore the additional features and customization options.

For those who want to synchronize FM WhatsApp download on their PC with the mobile version, an optional step involves scanning the QR code within the WhatsApp Web section on the mobile app.

By following these outlined steps, you can smoothly install and utilize this WhatsApp on your PC, enhancing your messaging experience with the application’s additional features and customization options.

FM WhatsApp Update

FM WhatsApp is a regularly updated application that brings users the latest features, customizations, and opportunities, ensuring a cutting-edge user experience. To get the latest version update, must consider the following process.

The new update, built on the base version of WhatsApp, brings several improvements. Notably, it supports the copying of video subtitles to the clipboard and allows saving media files in the gallery when viewing is disabled. The contacts user interface has been redesigned for a better user experience. Users can now receive immediate notifications when a contact views a pod status, and the total message count is displayed. Bulk sending of messages with images or videos is permitted, and the Anti View Once feature allows unlimited viewing of a video or image configured to be shown only once.

Additionally, Stories have been added, similar to Instagram. The FM WhatsApp update addresses and corrects errors, contributing to an enhanced overall performance. Access the FM WhatsApp download link to enjoy these new functionalities easily.

How To Update FM WhatsApp?

By following below steps you can easily update your Version:

  1. Access Settings and find update option: Click on the three dots on the Home interface. Navigate to FM settings. Scroll down within the settings menu to find the option.
  2. Initiate the Update: Click on the “Update” option and then click on check for updates.

simply, you can also visit the official website to update latest version or our website where you originally downloaded the FM WhatsApp APK.

  • Find the Latest Version: Look for the latest version of the application.
  • Download the APK: If a newer version is available, download the APK file to your device.
  • Enable Unknown Sources: If not already enabled, ensure that your device allows the installation of apps from unknown sources.
  • Locate Downloaded APK: Open your device’s file manager and locate the downloaded APK file.
  • Install the Update: Tap on the APK file to begin the installation process.
  • Verify Phone Number: After download FM WhatsApp updated , open the app and verify your phone number, similar to setting up a new WhatsApp account.
  • Chat History Restoration: FM WhatsApp usually allows you to restore your previous chat history from the original WhatsApp or an older version. If prompted, follow the steps to restore your chats.
  • Customize Settings: Once the update is installed, customize your settings and preferences, taking advantage of any new features or improvements introduced.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your FM WhatsApp download update APK is up to date with the latest enhancements, features, and security updates.

Simple WhatsApp vs. FM WhatsApp

The distinction between official WhatsApp and the original WhatsApp lies in the realm of features and user experience. The official WhatsApp, with its vast user base, serves as the standard messaging app for billions worldwide. However, it comes with certain limitations, including media sharing constraints and privacy considerations.

On the flip side, FM WhatsApp, emerges as a modified version developed by Fouad Mokdad. It steps up the game with additional features, constant updates (currently at V9.97), and enhanced customization options. Unlike the official version, it tackles the shortcomings by introducing innovations like WhatsApp Pay and bolstering privacy and security measures. This modified version of WhatsApp , not available on Google Play, requires users to download the latest APK for an upgraded messaging experience, providing a fresh take on digital communication.

Pro’s & Con’s


  • It offers extensive customization options.
  • The app prioritizes user privacy.
  • It includes inbuilt app lock and chat hiding.
  • It allows management of multiple accounts on a single device.
  • It enables easy sharing of larger files.
  • The app supports larger group sizes and introduces a Groups Tab.
  • The app allows users to see deleted messages and statuses.
  • It introduces practical features like automated responses and message scheduling.
  • Users can control who can call them on WhatsApp.
  • It offers features beneficial for businesses.


  • Potential security risks due to unofficial nature.
  • Lack of official support and updates.
  • Compatibility issues with official WhatsApp features.
  • Uncertain future development and maintenance.

User’s Feedback / Review

Curious to know what people worldwide think about using FM WhatsApp? Let’s take a look at what users around the globe have to say about their experience.

User Review

FM WhatsApp’s ability to schedule messages has been a game-changer for me. It’s incredibly convenient, especially for sending birthday wishes and reminders to friends and family.
Staccay B

User Review

The user interface of FM WhatsApp is intuitive and user-friendly. I appreciate the seamless navigation and the additional features that are not available in the standard WhatsApp.
Michael T
United Kingdom

User Review

The support for larger file transfers in FM WhatsApp has been incredibly useful for sharing photos and videos without compromising on quality.
Ishan K.

User Review

FM WhatsApp has completely transformed my messaging experience. The ability to customize themes and fonts has made chatting more enjoyable than ever before.
Muhammad Arslan

Frequently Asked Question

It is a modified version of the original WhatsApp messenger, offering additional features and customization options not available in the standard app. These include enhanced privacy settings, customization of themes and fonts, and the ability to schedule messages.

You can confidently proceed with downloading and installing the FM WhatsApp from Here. The diligent team of developers conducts comprehensive security assessments to ensure a safe and secure user experience prior to uploading the mod.

When switching from the official WhatsApp to FM WhatsApp, users have the option to back up their chat history and restore it within FM WhatsApp. This ensures that no conversations or media are lost during the transition.

FM WhatsApp offers additional privacy features, such as the ability to hide online status, blue ticks, and typing indicators.

Yes, FM WhatsApp provides extensive customization options, allowing users to personalize the app’s themes, fonts, and overall appearance. This feature enables users to create a unique and tailored messaging experience.

FM WhatsApp is updated periodically by its developers to introduce new features, security enhancements, and bug fixes. Users should regularly check for updates to ensure they are using the latest version of the app.

Final Words

In conclusion, FM WhatsApp stands out as a feature rich alternative to the official WhatsApp. This app offers a variety of customization options and improved privacy features not found in the official version of WhatsApp. Whether it is about maintaining anonymity or increased capabilities of media sharing, It provides a user friendly experience. Also, downloading and updating the latest version of the app is just simple and straightforward. Download the app from the FM WhatsApp download link and upgrade your messaging experience beyond ordinary.